Our Services:

We install all types of residential Rangehoods and offer a complete Rangehood installation service. We provide pre-purchase advise. We can pick up your new Rangehood from your preferred supplier prior to Installation. We check your purchase for damage saving you the hassle. When we say it was damaged …they believe us. If its being delivered check it within 24 hours. If you bought the “show room” Rangehood make sure all installation parts are included ie the top flange.
We can legally install your Rangehood power point or move it and test the effectiveness of your earthing and protective devices. These requirements are mandatory from your Rangehood manufaturer. We also gib-stop the wall if we have to move the power point.
We choose to install and endorse the original “Dektite” range of weather-tite flashing systems and solutions that carry a 20 year guarantee. We believe these are superior to other imported products that have not been Branz appraised.
We strictly install in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions.
All ducting we supply is compliance fire rated. This includes flexible ducting.

 It is now illegal to duct into the roof or attic space because the build up of grease can constitute an increased fire risk. Also, moisture can cause excessive condensation and promote rot.

We offer advice on:
  • Rangehood design styles to suit your kitchen decor.
  • Costs to purchase and/or install your preferred Rangehood
In addition to Rangehood specific installations we can also offer advice on:
  • Rewiring existing electrical wiring, repositioning wall outlets (switch/power/lighting etc)
  • Adding new outlets including circuit protection if required
  • We can upgrade your existing ducting to fire rated level 4.
  • We can test your existing Rangehood installation for noise level and air flow efficiency.