Everything Rangehoods

Rangehoods are effective at removing cooking odours and moisture to reduce house-hold condensation. They also remove vapourised cooking oils and fats from your kitchen.
news flash: All new Rangehood installations or replacements are to be ether recitrculating or vented to the outside of the building envelope.
Auckland Rangehoods can provide you with pre-purchase advice on which options will best fit your requirements.
We install all types of residential rangehoods and specialise in a full installation service.

Choosing your Rangehood

Kitchen design, and layout
Extraction capacity
Noise level
Rangehoods come in many different shapes, styles and cost to accommodate every budget. Depending on your kitchen layout/size and your cooking style /food preferences some model types may perform better than others. We will work through these with you when we attend to find the best solution to suit your needs both now and in the future.

Extraction requirements:

Serious home chef cooking at high heat or high potential odour requires 800m3/Hr or more
Average family Kitchen 700m3/hr or more
For reheating, boiling and steaming with occasional high heat frying 500m3/hr or more
For open plan kitchens for example centered bench Island Rangehoods you need maximum extraction capacity ie 1000m3/hr
For a “closed in” kitchen a lower capacity extraction will suffice

Suppliers of Rangehoods in New Zealand include:

  • Bellini
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Everdure
  • Indesit
  • Parmco
  • Robinhood
  • Smeg
  • Westinghouse
  • Schweigan
  • Whisper

Types of Rangehoods:

Fixed Hoods:

Fixed Hoods

Fixed permanently under a overhead cupboard. They are small units
Tilta Hoods:

Tilta Hoods

Mounted between cupboards with a tilt out panel that matches your decor. Generally more powerful than a fixed hood.
Retractable or Pull out Hoods:

Pull out Hoods

Generally mounted under cupboards and “pulled out” to turn on automatically.
Canopy Hoods:

Canopy Hoods

Wall mounted Canopy are the most commonly available. Standard lengths at 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm. Powerful. Full featured. Large price range.
Island Canopy:

Island Canopy

For centre bench and cook top. Suspended from ceiling. Expensive but elegant.
Cassette Rangehood:

Installed in the ceiling above a centre cook top. Large units.Remote high power extractor fan. Quiet unobtrusive and very elegant. Expensive. Remote control operation. Brands: Schweigan Many Rangehoods have a recirculating function where the air is recirculated back into the Kitchen via activated charcoal filers to remove odours and grease. They are an acceptable solution for apartments or if external venting is too difficult or prohibitively expensive or the ducting length is excessive. Filters need replacing every six months and are expensive. Check they are also likely to be available in the future.

Generally, the bigger the Rangehood the more efficient it will be. Consider a 900mm wide Rangehood over a 600mm cooktop.

Rangehoods require cleaning. Remove the aluminium filters soak them and wash in hot soapy water. You may need to do it twice. I don’t recommend putting them in your dish washer. It’s our firm view that regular cleaning will stop the grease and fat build up inside your ducting which virtually illiminates any elevated fire risk.
Noise Level:
Rangehoods tend to get noisy at higher speed settings. More air volume also means more noise. Many rangehoods are marketed as “quiet” and may have a remote mountable fan in the roof space or a fan that is mounted on the outside cowl eg Schweigan. A Rangehood that has a rated noise level of 50dBA may be considered quiet. To your ear a rating of 10dBA quieter equates to approximately half the audible volume.


1000m/3hr @54dBA is pretty good
750 m/3/hr @46dBA is pretty good.