Advice And Faq

Q. What should you be thinking about when purchasing a Rangehood?
Before you purchase you should consider your kitchen styling and area constraints. Generally Rangehood widths are 600mm and 900mm wide. If you are having difficulty then we can visit and discuss the options that best suit your requirements.
Q. What if I want to provide my own Rangehood?
That’s fine. We can install all brands of residential Rangehoods.
 Things you should consider are:
  • Aesthetics – Is the model visually “in tune” with your kitchen?
  • Is it a current model? Replacement charcoal filters in Rangehoods setup to recycle (not recommended) can be problematic on discontinued models  so ensuring a Rangehood is current at the time of purchase  provides peace of mind that it can be serviced.
Q. If I purchase my own Rangehood what next?
Many Rangehood retailers require notice within 24 hours of goods damaged in transit. As soon as you have received the unit you should inspect it to ensure it is not damaged. Failure to do so may result in your unit not being replaced under warranty.
Q. Are there any issues I need to think about?
As with any installation of electrically operated hardware several factors need to be considered such as:
  • Exhaust egress – through walls, through soffit or eaves or through the roof. It is now illegal to vent into the roof space. Each requires specific installation. See the pricing page for comparisons.
  • Power outlet – needs to be available.
Q. Will it cost anything to have you come out to my property to quote?
No. We are happy to attend and provide advice and a no obligation free quote.
Q. Are there any additional costs?
As our technicians are registered electricians we can advise you on all Rangehood installation costs to ensure compliance. We also do not leave holes in your walls if we need to move the power point. This allows us to provide a “one stop shop” Rangehood installation service- unlike other companies.