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Rangehood Installations


We specialize in the installation of all residential Rangehoods and offer a complete installation service within the greater Auckland area. Email or free call us now for a no obligation quote. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

We Can Offer You:

  • * A personalized high quality service
  • * Peace of mind knowing our staff are trade certified and carry current Electrical practicing licenses
  • * Competitive pricing
  • * All work is fully guaranteed and complies with current building codes
Pre-purchase Advice - Delivery - Installation - Testing - Maintenance - Repair is the website for Rangehoods NZ. The Company selects qualified technicians to fit your canopy rangehood in your modern kitchen. Industry experts are on hand to help you choose the right rangehood before you actually purchase it. The Company undertakes contracts for Rangehood Installations Auckland and assures clients the highest quality finished Rangehood appearance. We thrive to select the right materials that optimise rangehood installation and working efficiency. Our genuine efforts are focussed at providing you the industry best practice services for the ducting of your new rangehood installation. After consultation Rangehood Installers NZ will fit your preferred rangehood to remove unwanted odor, smoke, steam, grease, oil particles, and condensation that are all by products of the cooking process. Call us for a pleasant cooking experience. We can also assist you with more commercial looking rangehoods and customized ducted installations to meet specific area measurements, kitchen and ducting requirements. There are numerous rangehoods for sale in the residential retail market. Consult Rangehood Installers Auckland. We are trade qualified to install your high quality kitchen ventilation system. We also provide Kitchen renovations, alterations & Bathroom extraction services. We are industry professionals for Rangehood supply, installation and ducting services. We can provide a wide range of flexible design solutions to accommodate kitchen decor and ventilation system diversity. Auckland Rangehood Installers can provide a satifaction guaranteed kitchen air purification solution. Contact Auckland Rangehoods now for all enquiries, assistance and advice for your Rangehood installation requirements.